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and the unique MCA Research

Integration, founded in 1994, is a global firm focused on providing metrics, tools and processes to drive marketing accountability, through the holistic measurement and assessment of marketing communications.

Integration's Market ContactAudit (MCA) provides accountability to marketing management by assessing the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of any brand's marketing communications (marcom) in a given category/market.

Through the evaluation of a comprehensive set of brand contacts (touch-points), it quantifies how consumers experience brands.

MCA therefore provides a holistic measurement of the Brand Experience (BE) - a critical input factor of sales performance.

Leading global marketing enterprises are applying the MCA to increase marketing communications effectiveness and efficiency through:

  • Gaining new insights into consumer engagement
  • Realizing substantial cost savings
  • Gaining efficiencies in marketing decision-making

The MCA quantifies how successfully a brand engages with consumers by determining the extent to which they can recall connecting with the brand through contacts, providing a true outcome indicator of marketing communications.

The MCA provides a comprehensive set of metrics, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), that provide a quantitative, actionable fact-based framework for brand planning

MCA/Metrics are the only validated multi-contact-measurement... right around the world. They correlate consistently with Market Share at > .80, validating the importance of monitoring Brand Experience Share (BES) for marketing communications.

Integration was founded two decades ago and has audited more than 35,406 brands among 2.3 million consumers across 523 categories,
90 markets and 40 languages.

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