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What is MCA?

We could not say this better ourselves:

"MCA is an innovative tool that addresses an urgent need:
It analyses the whole communication portfolio from a consumer point of view.
It also looks at the ROI of the various activities and thus helps making marketing accountable."

Hans Ulrich Krause Global Media Research at Procter & Gamble

We promote, deploy and deliver the following two distinct products

For enterprise & marketing management

  • Optimizes the marketing mix management and resource allocation
  • Implements accountability and best practices management in marketing
  • Typically yields minimum 20% cost efficiencies in marcoms within 2 years of application (at a fraction of 1% of the cost of marcoms)
A quick look at the MCA/System

For brand, marketing & communications management

  • Provides on-going consumer-led SWOT analysis of the communications mix across all marcom activities
  • Evaluates which of the brand's marcom activities are:
    • - effectively contributing
    • - need improvement or
    • - should be reconsidered
  • Enables brand initiatives that effectively and efficiently engage with consumers
A quick look at the MCA/Metrics

Integration was founded two decades ago and has audited more than 35,406 brands among 2.3 million consumers across 523 categories,
90 markets and 40 languages.

MCA System

The Market ContactAudit® (MCA®) is a research tool that quantifies how consumers experience brands through contacts or touch points by providing a series of metrics.

The MCA is a quantitative investigation of a category in a given market.
(backed up by strong qualitative understanding)
An example is: mobile phones in Germany, or compact cars in the USA.
MCA Qualitative

The objective is to develop the most comprehensive list of possible contacts, in consumer language.

New contacts are often probed with participants to be incorporated in the quantitative phase. The final outcome of the qualitative phase is a list of up to 35 contacts.

MCA Quantitative

In market research, to measure and derive the influence of each contact in a given category/market.

To measure for each and every brand audited the perceived experience levels in each contact screened (brand-contact associations).

MCA Metrics
Contact Clout Factor™
A single indicator of the ability of each contact to influence consumer attitudes in a category/market.

Brand Experience Points™
The single currency for how effectively a brand communicates across different contacts.
BEPs are a single currency measure of brand experience
across each/all contacts and brands in a category and market.
Contact Clout Factor™

The CCF™ reveals which contacts are most influential. It is brand independent within a category.

The CCF score is synthesized from information value attractiveness value and selling power value.

A contact clout will vary from category to category. For example: A TV commercial is likely to be more influential than a branded website within the food category, while the reverse may be true in the mobile phone category.


Associations reveal which brands consumers connect with which contacts.

Associations by contact are collected for all the brands included in the audit.

Brands associations by contacts are multiplied by the weighting factor of CCF.

Some brands are well known for their TV advertising, while others may be recognized for their sports sponsorship activities.

Brand Experience Points™

BEPs™ are the product of brands associations with contacts and of the CCF of these contacts. They are the single currency for how effectively a brand communicates across different contacts.

As a single currency, BEPs can be added, compared, normalized across categories, markets and time.

BEPs are the only validated multi-contact-measurement... globally.

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